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Commercial HVAC and Plumbing Renovation



Man Hours



This was a design/build project for a bank renovation project located in Central Pennsylvania. Highlander Energy Products developed the HVAC, Plumbing, and snowmelt CAD drawings and self performed the installation. HVAC involved selective demolition and field installation of new HVAC equipment, ductwork, GRD's, hot and chilled water piping, refrigerant lines, and insulation. Plumbing work included the installation of new fixtures, hardware, partitions, domestic piping, as well as sanitary and vent piping.


  • Developed HVAC CAD drawings and equipment schedules.  
  • Performed heating and cooling load calculations.
  • Installed thirty-nine (39) new or replacement fan coils.
  • Installed sixteen (16) new or replacement air handlers.
  • Installed three (3) heat recovery ventilators to meet updated ventilation requirements.
  • Installed four (4) outdoor condensing units to reduce existing chiller plant demand.
  • Installed four (4) ceiling cassette, split type air conditioning units for critical server space cooling.
  • Installed all ductwork and piping.


  • Developed Plumbing CAD drawings and equipment schedules.  
  • Select demolition of existing fixtures as well as sanitary, vent, and domestic piping.
  • Installed water closets, urinals, lavatories, drinking fountains, kitchenette sinks, service sinks, and backflow preventer.
  • Installation of new sanitary, vent, and domestic piping.


  • Fabricated and installed snowmelt distribution manifold/pump/heat exchanger systems.
  • Installed concrete barrier insulation.
  • Installed PEX tubing for 3,400 square feet of sidewalk snowmelt.