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Industrial Services Division

Providing quality industrial services to our clients in the petro-chemical, pulp and paper, forest products, manufacturing, and powdered metal industries.

Structural Steel

Our structural steel division can fabricate, deliver and install platforms, catwalks, ladders and stairs.  Highlander Energy can also provide field crews to erect structural steel that has been fabricated by another supplier.

Fabrication And Installation Of Process Piping

Highlander Energy has the capability to fabricate and install piping systems and their component parts for all processes within petroleum refineries, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, paper, semiconductor, cryogenic plants, etc.

Fabrication And Installation Of Stainless Steel Piping Systems

We have the ability to fabricate and install stainless piping for the petrochemical, pulp and paper, as well as the food and beverage industries.  Typical projects include the installation of piping systems for the conveyance of liquids or gases to integrate the process vessels and tanks within a factory to the manufacturing process. Fabrication can also include the integral component parts of fabricated items such as the tube bundle in a heat exchanger or vacuum pipes on filters.


At Highlander Energy we specialize in the insulation of piping systems, tanks, and vessels.  Benefits of insulation include; controlling surface temperatures for personal protection and stabilizing process temperatures, preventing condensation and corrosion on cold surfaces, increasing fire protection, and controlling noise and vibrations. 

Annual Shutdowns

We can provide multiple services when your plant is having a maintenance turnaround. With the ability to do any, but not limited to; equipment preventive maintenance and care; corrective repair; strip-down and overhaul; or component replacement work. Every shutdown is a different project and we at Highlander can provide you with the planning and any of the technical and mechanical needs that you will need during any shutdown you will be having. 

For over 30 years, Highlander Energy’s mechanical expertise has earned an industry wide reputation for being safety conscious and minimizing downtime, helping to keep projects on-time and on budget for our valuable customers. From complete major tear down/rebuilds to minor projects, our customers know that Highlander Energy Products will provide them with maximum quality, added value and exceptional customer service to make their projects a complete success.